Drums, Bass & Instruments

Drums, Bass, & Instruments

Bass Guitars:

BassFender Jazz Bass – 1971 –
(Played in thousands of concerts. Featured on Eight Albums
including the double platinum FOGHAT LIVE!)
Fender Acoustic Bass 2015
Michael Kelly Acoustic Fretless Bass 2012
Seagull Acoustic Bass 2016

Bass Pedals:

Pigtronix BOD Bass Fat Drive
Boss FBM-1 ’59 Fender Bassman
Boss LMB-3 Bass Limiter/Enhancer
Dunlop 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah

Bass Amplifiers:

Ampeg SVT 4 Pro
Ampeg SVP Pro
Gallien Krueger 700RB
Fender Bassman – 1972
“Featured on the inside LP cover of Foghat Live”
Fender Bassman – 1958

Bass Cabinets:

Acoustic 360 Cabinets – The Craig MacGregor FOGHAT Live Cabinets
Hartke 4 x 10
Marshall Bass Cabinet ‘60’s – 4 x 12

The Craig MacGregor Live Rig:

The Rig Used for FOGHAT Live!
(Ibanez CP200 Compressor/Limiter, DOD R-835 Crossover,
Ibanez DM2000 Digital Delay, Crown PSA-2)

The Roger Earl Foghat DW Drum Kit:

In Classic Marine Finish:
Kick: DW 22w x 20d Inch
Snare: DW13w x 5d Inch
Hi-Hat: Paiste Sound Edge 13 Inch Top and Bottom
Tom 1: DW 12w x 10d Inch
Tom 2: DW 16w x 12d Inch
Paiste Masters 20 Inch Medium Ride
Paiste Fast Crash 18 Inch Crash
Paiste Masters EDR20 20 Inch Dark Crash Cymbal
DW 5000 Chain Drive Foot Pedals
DW 5000 Hat Pedal
DW Airlift 9000 Throne


Slingerland 26 Inch Kick Drum 1959
Ludwig 24 Inch Vesta Light Kick Drum 70s (Neil Young’s)
Zildjian ZBT 14 Inch Splash Cymbal
Zildjian ZBT 20 Inch Ride Cymbal
Gong 37 Inch Unlimited
LP Classic Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell
LP 50th Anniversary Black Beauty Cowbell
LP 50th Anniversary Sublim More Cowbell
Swiss Cowbells, Nepalese Cowbells
DW Airlift 9000 Throne, RocNSoc Drum Throne, DW Drum Throne
13 Inch African Drum Hand Drum
16 Inch African Djembe Hand Drum
16 Inch African Standing Drum
22 Inch Remo Fiberskyn3 Hand Drum
8.5 Inch Turkish Darbuka
16 Inch Irish Bodhran Frame Drum
6/3.5 Inch Mexican Ceramic Hand Drum
10 Inch Remo Hand Drum
9 Inch Tree of Life Hand Drum
7 Inch Nepali Hand Drum
13 Inch Taos Hand Drum
5.5 Inch Arabic Hand Drum
9 Inch Chinese 2-Sided Hand Drum
5 Inch African Hand Drum
15 Inch Elk Skin Native American Hand Drum
4 Inch Indonesian Hand Drum
LP Performance Series Bongos
16 Inch Remo Hand Drum
LP Stadium Congas 9, 10 Inch

Other Percussion

Roto Toms 6, 8, 10-Inch
Pearl Wood Block, Kokiriko,
TreeWorks 35-Bar Classic Single-Row Wind Chimes (Mark Tree)
Ludwig String Chimes 70s
Rhythm Tech Moon Block
LP Moon Block
LP Blocks
Turbo Cabasa
Rattle The Roar
Cone Stacks
Nepalis Hanging Finger Cymbal String
Mahogany Claves and two other types
Gūiras, Gūiros
Hundreds of Maracas and Shakers,
National and Columbus Washboard Company Glass Washboards
Vibra Slap
Chinese Cymbal 3.75 Inch from Han Dynasty (202 B.C.-220 A.D.)



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