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The First Certified Dolby Atmos Mixing and Mastering Facility in the State of Michigan.


Dolby Atmos


Spherical Sound Studios is the first Certified Dolby Atmos Mixing Room in the State of Michigan. We were the first studio to build a Dolby Atmos Mixing room, and the first to be certified by Dolby Laboratories. Our control room was built specifically for Dolby Atmos Mixing and Features an amazing 9.1.6 system for the most accurate mixing possible. Mixed through templates designed by the industries top professionals, we mix to the highest industry standards. We began mixing in Dolby Atmos in 2018. For Dolby Atmos mixing in Michigan, we are years ahead of everyone else.


About Dolby Atmos:


05/01/24 We are currently remixing the 2005 Daniel Wentworth studio instrumental album Axe to Grind in Dolby Atmos, and it will be released soon on all streaming platforms. It features the amazing bass playing of Danny Miranda (Queen, Blue Oyster Cult, Meatloaf) and the phenomenal Bobby Rondinelli on drums (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult).

03/01/24 We are now able to listen in Dolby Atmos while recording tracks. For example, you can stand in the control room while recording guitar parts and listen to the entire mix in Dolby Atmos while recording.

01/01/24 We have finished one of the greatest boutique Guitar Studios EVER. We now have over 40 amplifiers, 12 speaker cabinets, and over 100 effect pedals. We have two switching systems to instantly switch tones while recording. We thought of everything for recording guitars. Check out the Legendary Gear Page!

02/10/23 Check out the ERIC BELLINGER album (1-800-Hit-Eazy: Line 2) mixed in Dolby Atmos at SPHERICAL SOUND STUDIOS .

02/08/23 CHECK OUT SPHERICAL SOUND STUDIOS DOLBY ATMOS RELEASE of Daniel Wentworth’s Instrumental Song (WINTER SNOW). It is now available on 37 streaming platforms. Winter Snow, in fact, is the first song ever released that was recorded and mixed in Dolby Atmos in the State of Michigan.


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